About Us


Surgical Appliance Industries has a history that dates back to 1893. Originally established as the Ohio Truss Company, it gradually evolved into Surgical Appliance Industries and then later SAI Therapeutic Brands, with the Champion name being used to identify its extensive line of elastic braces and supports.

The Champion program is built on the best mix of healthcare products that are designed and engineered for good support, wearing comfort and correct fit – specifically targeted to meet the needs of everyday active, fitness-oriented, and occupational injury consumers.

Champion Health & Sport Supports are specifically intended to support hard-working muscles and joints, to help speed recovery, and relieve the discomfort associated with strains, sprains and other musculoskeletal disorders to help keep you active and independent.

Champion braces and supports are used thousands of times every day to treat injuries due to . . . 

  • everyday activities such as walking, gardening, playing with the kids;

  • high impact activities associated with sports, exercise, and fitness;

  • occcupational injuries due to heavy lifting or repetitive motion.

Champion Health & Sport Supports offer over 100 different products in general categories, including:

  • lower extremity (knee, ankle); – upper extremity (elbow, wrist, and hand);

  • truncal supports, (lower back, rib belts, binders).

The Champion brand utilizes the latest materials and hand crafted manufacturing to produce world-class products – the majority Made-In-The-USA – at affordable prices. Our prescribing physicians trust them, and our many clients appreciate their extraordinary value.

Still family owned and operated after 120 years, those of us at Champion are proud to consider ourselves among the “Last of the Independents.”